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Right now we are using a Yahoo newsgroup to mass communicate with club members. To subscribe go to this link We really do use it. and come camping with us.

Email addresses
Dan (Smokey) This guy will bend over backward to help you out so give him a shout.
Joel (Walter Sobchak) If Joel can't help, Remy (thinks he is a dog) will.
Mark (Donny) Mark will give you a thousand reasons why you should feel good about asking him a question.
Phil (The Dude) Web Guru - Contact me should you have any concerns about the web site. If you are going to be camping someplace some weekend and would like to announce it so others can drop by, write me. I'll post it. 

We want to include ALL of New York State in our camping plans. If you live in far-eastern or far-western New York and want to start a camping program send us an email and we will be extremely pleased to do whatever we can to see your vision come true. We are desperately  wishing for someone to "Step up to the plate" and get the ball rolling for their region.
Write me, I want to hear from you.  Phil