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What we do is pretty simple
We hike
We bike
We kayak
We fish
Sometimes we catch something.
Nature trails
Draw pictures in the sand
Have a communal potluck Burrito breakfast
Hang with good buds
Watch beautiful sunsets
Hang out at the community campfire
Warm your dogs by the fire
Maybe listen to some music
Maybe have a!

Finally, one of Ethan and mine favorite thing to do... Yes, it is to poke dead things with a stick.
The first event of the season happened the first full day of spring. We had a wonderful dinner at Danzer's restaurant in Syracuse. We had a chance to see old friends and get ready for the upcoming year. After, the dinner most of us went down to Kevin's house where we had a terrific bonfire. Luckily the weather cooperated with us and turned out to be a great day.
Joel Cort submitted these photos below
Allie submitted these photos. She did a wonderful job of capturing some of Nathan's fine fireworks. By the way Nate, thanks for the show, it was terrific.