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The empire VW camping Club started in 2007 but it's beginning was in 2006. Many of us went to VW camping events around the Northeast. Usually sponsored by LiMBO or the Full Moon Bus Club. We loved camping together. One day back in 2006 Dan Stevens, Joel Cort, Mark Lund, and Phil Dlugolecki were together and a discussion took place. With high gas prices and limited travel time we got the idea to start a LOCAL camping event. Once a month we would get together and campout.

Whoa! Everybody loved the idea and everyone started shouting out their favorite camping places. But, for some, the distances were too far for an easy days travel. What to do.. What to do?
An answer was found. Joel and Mark, lived in the Rochester area, Dan and many folks lived in the Syracuse area, Phil and some folks lived in the Utica area. To be fair to everyone we decided a 100 miles would be a acceptable distance to travel in a day. So, this is what we did.
Watch the graphic below and you will see.
A 100 mile radius was draw from Rochester, a 100 mile radius was drawn from Syracuse, and 100 mile radius was drawn from Utica. Where these circles intersect forms an area (the box) where everyone can drive 100 miles or less. Within this box we chose campgrounds and for everyone it is a 100 miles or less to drive. Whamo.. the deal was done.
We started choosing campgrounds and dates and the Empire VW Camping Club was off and running.